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2013 Australian National Band Championships – NEWS!

Unley Concert Band has placed third in the Open A Grade Concert Band section of the Australian National Band Championships in Perth. The band played tremendously well in the on-stage event which consisted of the hymn “When the Stars Began to Fall”, the test piece “Yiddish Dances” by Adam Gorb, the own choice work “Paris Sketches” by Martin Ellerby and the march “Army of the Nile”. The competition was fierce with Hobart Wind Symphony and the NSW Public Schools Wind Ensemble in fine form. UCB placed 3rd in 3 sections and came a close second to Hobart in the test piece by one point. Great effort from all involved, especially our brave soloists who brought their A Game with them to Perth!

Unley was also successful in placing 1st in the Parade of Bands through Northbridge on Saturday morning, putting on a fine display of precise marching skill, complete with an amusing box wheel change of direction which was a real crowd pleaser. The band received the highest aggregate marching score across all bands on the weekend, officially placing UCB as the no. 1 marching band in the country! Fine effort from all who marched!

Jeff Hale was awarded the prestigious Jim Brill Memorial Trophy for the best drum major of the day which was a fantastic result for our hard working Chef and well deserved!

The solo and party competitions were also an enormous success for the UCB members, showing the great talent that we have amongst our members.

  • Jade McEvoy – 1st, Open Flute
  • Tanika Richards – 1st, Open Piccolo
  • Sarah Byron – 1st, Open Alto Saxophone
  • Rhiannon Trimby – 1st, Open Tenor Saxophone
  • Alison Harris – 1st, Open French Horn
  • UCB Clarinet Quintet (Steve Jarman, Nicole Molloy, Lauren Murch, Liz Neal, Daniel Burgess) – 1st, Open Quintet
  • Janet Stone – 2nd, Open Flute
  • Elizabeth Neal – 2nd, Open Clarinet
  • Kate Flint – 2nd, Open Baritone Saxophone
  • UCB Brass Quintet (Tim Frahn, Al Kidney, Alison Harris, Phil Harris, Chris Koop) – 2nd, Open Quintet
  • Paul Hampton Smith – 3rd, Open French Horn
  • Sonya Abdelmalek – 3rd, Open Flute
  • UCB Wind Quintet (Liz Thompson, Jade McEvoy, Ben Bersten, Georga Byron, Lindsay Heesom) – 3rd, Open Quintet
  • Terry Duchene – 4th, Open Flute
  • Bronwyn Kenny – 4th, Open Bass Trombone
  • UCB Clarinet Quartet – equal 4th, Open Quartet
  • UCB Saxophone Quartet – equal 4th, Open Quartet
  • UCB Trumpet Quartet – 7th, Open Quartet
  • Phil Harris – 3rd, Open Trombone (for K & N)
  • Alison Harris – 3rd, Open Tenor Horn (for K & N)
  • Anthony Rogers – 4th, Open Baritone (K & N)
  • Andrew Edgeworth – 8th, Open Cornet (for K & N)

*apologies if I missed anybody off this list!*

A huge congratulations goes to Sarah Byron who won the Open Concert Champion of Champions event, held late on Monday afternoon against some outstanding performances from other woodwind champions. Alison Harris also gave a wonderful performance on French Horn in the Open Brass Champion of Champions event.

Every member should feel very proud of their efforts this weekend. A huge thank you to everybody who made the trip to Perth to contribute to the great results of our band! Thank you to our hardworking, passionate Music Director, Kevin, who continues to inspire each and every band member to dream big! Thanks to Jeff Hale for his brilliant effort with our champion marching band! Kudos to Tanika Richards and Anna Coppens for accompanying many of our soloists. Thank you to Ben, Michaela and the hardworking UCB committee for organising accommodation, transport and other logistical issues. And to our UCB supporters for the messages of goodwill and support, both at home, on the live feed and those who came to cheer us on! It means a lot to us all!