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UCB Nationals 2013

Unley Concert Band was formed in 1997 and maintains a membership of over 60 players. We aim to offer musicians the highest quality of amateur musicianship in Adelaide. Since the band’s inception, we have provided service to the community and the South Australian Band Association, with whom we are registered. Our commitment to the Anzac Day Parade is held in high regard by the community and the band has built a solid reputation for the quality of music performances in South Australia and beyond. Unley Concert Band is the current 2016 Australian National A Grade Concert Band champion!

Our current music director is Dr Stephen Boyle.

Unley Concert Band meets in the Unley Town Hall (with a grant from the Unley Council each year), on Wednesday evenings 7.30 -9.30pm. Our players range from high school players to retirees. New players on any instrument are welcome – please contact the secretary regarding current vacancies. We are a non-auditioning band. However, Unley Concert Band currently competes at State and National A Grade level and therefore current and interested players are expected to maintain a level of playing appropriate for this grading.


Unley Concert Band have a number of regular performances annually. We perform at:

  • Anzac Day and Remembrance Day services in Unley and the CBD
  • Tour Down Under pre-race marching show on the track.
  • Several formal concerts and cabarets
  • The Strathalbyn Bands Festival in August
  • The annual SA Band Championships
  • The Australian National Band Championships at Easter – held in a different state each year.
  • Marching engagements such as the Credit Union Pageant in November and other Christmas pageants

There are quite often other performances scheduled during the year in addition to our regular engagements. Please pick up the programme for the year and be prepared for additions and changes. The performance and rehearsal schedule for the current year can be found on the website and via the Secretary.


The Band launched a new uniform in 2011. Our shirt has the double blue stripes of the City of Unley and is a bright, bold and distinctive statement about the community we represent. The shirts are made by a local uniform manufacturer and are purchased outright by members of the band. Our shirt is worn with black trousers, socks and shoes. Full details about purchasing a uniform are available to all new members. The uniform can be ordered online after trying one of our sizing shirts. Please contact the secretary to gain access to the instructions for ordering.

A woven black ‘acubra’ style hat with blue hat band completes the outdoor uniform, provided by the band. Some members have black zip up jackets with Unley Concert band logo on the front. Your own black jacket will suffice in the meantime.


Band members currently pay $100 per annum or $60 per annum for students and concession holders.

The Treasurer will invoice when the fees are due. Please ensure that this is paid promptly for the financial well-being of the band. Those having financial difficulties can approach a member of the Executive Committee, preferably the Treasurer, to request alternate arrangements.

Players who join our ranks midway through the year may have a negotiated rate, to be discussed with the Treasurer.


The band keeps all current music being rehearsed in a flat blue folder, stored in the band rehearsal room. The band librarian ensures that all folders contain the correct music for upcoming concerts. Under no circumstances are members allowed to take band folders home. Please leave them in the portable music shelves (or suitcases if there is a performance) so that the band librarian has access to them between rehearsals. The band also stores play out, popular and march music in a 3 ring binder which may be accessed for community performances.


The band has some solid music stands that you can use, stored in a purpose built carrier, however, you are encouraged to bring your own to ensure that the band stands stay in good condition for performances.


For marching performances, you will require a lyre suitable for your instrument. If you are unsure where to get one, please see your section leader for a recommendation. It is essential that you get one before your first marching engagement as the band does not own any.

The uniform is important for maintaining a cohesive look, particularly in competitive marching. Polished shoes and instrument and a neatly pressed uniform are essential, including the black hat with blue band. Long hair is recommended to be up and under the hat if possible.


We ask everyone to come by no later than 7.15pm on Wednesday evenings to assist in bringing down equipment from upstairs and setting up the band and percussion so that we can be ready for tuning and warm up exercises at 7.30pm. Percussion is setup from 7:00 pm.


A weekly roll is kept of attendance. If you are unable to attend a rehearsal or a performance, you are asked to contact the Secretary as soon as possible and where possible, your section leader.